Flexible plans for every school

Pricing built for schools of all sizes. Always know what you'll pay. Billing charges are deducted at the end of each term/semester.

Bronze (Free)$0.00 / user / term
Up to 100 actionable users
One(1) campus per institution
Student attendance and academic record keeping
Class and Examination timetable scheduling
Logistics Management
Export student, teaching staff, and non teaching staff data
Fees payment tracking
Broadcast up to 800 announcements
Silver$6.00 / user / term
All in Bronze Plan plus
Up to 600 actionable users
Multiple campuses per institution
Two(2) customised academic report templates
Export fees payment and transaction records
Cafeteria management
Broadcast up to 2,000 announcements
Gold$8.00 / user / term
All in Silver Plan plus
Up to 2000 actionable users
E-fees payment (Coming soon)
Ten(10) customised academic report templates
Free school website management
Relationship manager
Custom package
Let's build Adiutor to meet your specific needs. Get in touch with us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my institution/school subscribe to Adiutor?

The Adiutor platform brings all your school's activities and curriculum onto a single platform. It is easy to use, user friendly and customized to suit your schools activities and preferences

Can I request for a demo?

Adiutor Demo account can be requested via www.adiutor.co. Upon requesting a demo account, we will also give you the opportunity to select a preferred date and time for a meeting with our team for a demo.

What do I need to get started with Adiutor?

The essential items needed to get started with Adiutor include an internet connectable mobile device and a desktop. Visit www.support.adiutor.co for further information

Who can subscribe to Adiutor?

All educational institutions, which provide the crèche, primary, junior high and senior high curriculum are eligible to subscribe. You can visit www.app.adiutor.co to create an account or contact us to request for a demo.

What is an Adiutor ID?

An Adiutor ID is a unique number that comes with the Adiutor product. The Adiutor ID allows you to create/ login and access your school's data on the Adiutor App

How long does it take to download the app on my PC and upload data?

Download times vary by location and internet connection speed. It is recommended only high-speed broadband connections are used to download and upload your file(s).

How can I get support?

Need to talk to someone, log onto www.adiutor.co, submit your request with the messaging icon and our customer care personnel will contact you.

How much does it cost to subscribe to Adiutor?

See the plans above to view our subscription plans

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