Lessons learnt: It takes big hearts to help shape little minds.

Lessons learnt:  It takes big hearts to help shape little minds.

Guidance and counseling are indispensable elements in discipline management of people in all communities, even the most primitive societies grew out of the necessity of guiding individual behavior patterns in the interest of the group. Society itself could not function without the use of discipline. Using guidance and counseling to enhance discipline must be continuously practiced and encouraged if a group of people is to work harmoniously for the achievement of a common goal. Research stresses that teachers and school administrators have the responsibility of ensuring that students mature steadily along their line after all students are priceless assets and the most important constituent in education.

The student faces a lot of problems in developing positive study attitudes and study habits. Receiving guidance and counseling from qualified personnel, parents, and teachers is one of the proven ways through which a student can improve his study attitudes and study habits and is directly proportional to academic achievement. The assessment of children’s and young people’s developmental needs is one of the main responsibilities of teachers and specialists working with them.

Teaching and parental support should aim to help students fulfill their developmental potential and create conditions for their active participation in the life of their school and their social environment.

The responsibilities of teachers, class or group instructors, and specialists in educational institutions include:

  • Assessing students’ individual developmental and educational needs and psychological and physical abilities;
  • Identifying students’ strengths, tendencies, interests, and aptitudes or talents;
  • identifying reasons behind academic failures or difficulties in students’ functioning, including barriers and constraints which make it difficult for them to function and participate in the life of an educational institution;
  • taking measures that help pupils develop their competencies and potential to improve the effectiveness of their learning process.

Studies show proper guidance causes a 17% variation in student performance in a positive direction. There is enough evidence that lack of guidance and counseling to students leads to indiscipline in schools. Whenever students are less involved in decisions making they are highly likely to react negatively by getting involved in indiscipline cases. Students engage in unfriendly behavior due to fear feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and poor socialization.

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